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This $800 countertop pizza oven is the pinnacle of human achievement

“And proof that we’ve reached peak pizza.“

Breville Debuts High-Heat Countertop Pizza Oven

“Breville has debuted its Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, which is being touted by the company as the first indoor countertop pizza oven that heats up to 750° Fahrenheit and is said to cook a Neapolitan-style pizza in two minutes.“

Take That Dominos: Breville’s New Smart Pizza Oven Cooks Pizza in Two Minutes

“Well, if pizza is life to you, then kitchen appliance innovator Breville has got a hell of a gadget to add to your kitchen: the new Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, which can heat up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and cook a pizza – on your countertop – in two freaking minutes.“

The Breville Pizzaiolo Packs Brick Oven Quality Into a Countertop Pizza Oven

“It’s possibly the best way to make homemade pizza that doesn’t involve building a brick oven in the backyard.“

This $800 Countertop Pizza Oven Could Help You Break Your Delivery Habit

“Unlike a rustic brick oven, the Pizzaiolo isn’t finicky. You can program it to cook whatever style pizza you’ve prepared, whether it’s pan pizza, New York style, Neapolitan, or anything else.“

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